Tomislav Milinović

Managing Director

An escapee from the unromantic world of commerce, Tomislav is the lodestar of the company. It all started with a vision of a young Bachelor of Business Management who travelled around the globe in pursuit of new horizons. And before he knew it, travelling had subtly arisen from his passion to his profession. He put together a young team of well-travelled educated enthusiasts who shared his vision - and the rest is history! Tomislav loves nature, especially the sea - sailing, swimming and camping on Dalmatian Islands are his preferred activities. His idea of paradise is sipping famous Pošip wine on Korčula Island while enjoying fresh seafood nibs with his family and friends.

Dolores Jakoliš

Senior Trip Designer

Inventive and uplifting, Dolores forged her customer service skills in upscale New York City restaurants. But when she came to Calvados Club, it was like coming home. She finds planning people’s precious leisure time the most rewarding and inspiring job in the world. Classy city girl, she enjoys poetry, ballet dancing, travelling with (or without) her husband and opportunities that a big city offers. That’s why Croatia’s bustling capital of Zagreb is her favourite destination.

Dražen Radić

Senior Trip Designer

Stuck in a hotel industry for way longer than he had planned, Dražen welcomed the challenges and merits of travel planning. A modern family guy, he likes to wander the streets of his home-town Split, swim by his summer house, do some serious shopping with his wife and spend quality time with his little son.

Željka Tukić

Director of Finance

Cheerful, optimistic and always smiling, Željka is a typical bookworm who swims with ease among numerous accounting, legal and tax regulations – and even finds them inspiring! Almost as much as delicate bookkeeping issues, she enjoys traveling to the most secluded corners of the world. Her favorite pastime is listening to outdoor music on starry summer nights among the ancient monuments of Salona.

Branka Milišić

Trip Designer

Our only professor of English and Italian, Branka is far from the image of a starchy college lecturer. Smiling, fun and adventurous, she enjoys tango dancing, hiking and scuba diving. Pursuing her wanderlust, she traveled the world exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations and learning Spanish. She finds great pleasure in introducing her own homeland to its visitors and planning their bespoke trips. Her favorite destination is the secluded island of Silba – with no cars and all the beauty of a true Croatian gem.

Lucijana Milinović

Director of Administration

Lawyer by education but much more imaginative to be working as one, Lucijana fell in love with travelling right about the time she fell in love with our GM, today her husband. Meticulous and organized, she takes care of legal and administrative regulations and all those tricky little “behind the scenes” stuff. Infatuated with Mediterranean lifestyle, her top destination is Dubrovnik - a historic, charming and relaxed coastal metropolis.

Martina Bubalo

Senior Trip Designer

A Culture and Tourism Graduate, Martina has always had her heart set on travelling and organization. Calm and pedantic, but at the same time efficient and creative, she is a role-model to all of us. When she manages to get out of office, she likes to relax with a good book or plan her next travels. Her favourite spot? Vis Island - it’s hard to beat those natural beauties, azure beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

Drago Višić

Senior Trip Designer

By profession Drago is economist, by vocation travel designer and by character nature lover. A history and movie junkie, he also enjoys extreme sports like bungee jumping and canyoning. His favourite thing is hiking in the green fairytale of Plitvice Lakes National Park with his wife and son.

Martina Boduljak

Trip Designer

When she first started as an enthusiastic intern, Bo, as we like to call her, instantly became a precious member of the team. Her creativity and ingenuous smile often help all of us to get through busy days at the office. Visiting film festivals and even participating in some of them is one of Martina’s great passions! Her favorite type of vacation is traveling with her camera to capture beauties of less explored sceneries hidden on Croatia’s islands such as Lastovo and Mljet.

Vlasta Podravac

Trip Designer

With long experience in travel industry, Vlasta is true connoisseur of all the nuances of custom travel planning. Creative and devoted, she carefully crafts every detail of her clients’ private trips. When she manages to get out of the office, she enjoys hard-core adrenaline sports like paragliding and zip line. Her special place is the enchanting village of Bale where she can take it easy with a good book and dreamy nature.

Željana Prebeg

Accounting Manager

Our favourite person on a pay-day, Željana is our “Minister of Finances”. Adventurous and outdoorsy, she is a true nature lover. Her ideal getaway from the accounting, bureaucracy and paperwork is Bohinj Lake in Slovenia - nothing relaxes more than endless greens & blues of this alpine pearl.

Marin Franić

Director of Operations

Antsy and outdoorsy, witty and versatile, Marin is hard to be caught just sitting at the office. Planning, organizing, researching and negotiating are main items on his daily to-do list. He enjoys outdoor activities and partying all night long - which makes the flashy lights & bars of Hvar Island his ideal getaway.

Magdalena Bilić-Osmankić

Trip Designer

Magdalena first started as an intern, eager and fresh from Business School. Warm-hearted and hard-working as she is, she quickly became part of the family. She enjoys contact sports such as boxing and tae kwon do (so we can use her as a bodyguard too!) and her favourite spot in this part of the world is Budva in Montenegro - goes well with her love of the sea, sand and endless partying.

Dea Brizić

Trip Designer

When she first started, freshly graduated from Tourism Management Universitiy, Dea brought her crisp energy, unique charm and enthusiasm to our family. Not so many people find algebra inspirative, but that is not the case with Dea. In her spare time she enjoys sharing her knowledge with school kids and making math problems solving more fun. Nothing relaxes her more than discovering charm of small Istrian towns like Motovun and Groznjan.

Mirjana Simunić

Trip Designer Assistant

An office sweetheart and everybody’s favorite right-hand, Mirjana is a hotel industry runaway with years of experience in customer service. A true hedonist, she enjoys good company, good food and wine and dancing the night away. When not pampering her husband and kids, she likes to get creative and write and paint. Her favorite place is the out-of-the-way village of Povlja on Brac island where she can fully relax and unwind.

Željka Muštra

Director of Sales and Marketing

Željka has been with the company for as long as we can remember and is a real inspiration for our team. Dedicated, fun and outgoing, she enjoys every minute of the trip planning process for her clients. Her position also covers maintaining good relations with our local providers. Her ideal vacation is biking on beautiful Brijuni Islands or olive picking with her husband and daughter on the island of Šolta.

Martina Jović

Operations Manager - Dubrovnik office

A young and enthusiastic Dubrovnik girl with a master’s degree in Public Relations, Martina is a true ambassador of her town. Running our Dubrovnik office, she organizes various activities and extraordinary experiences for the clients, striving to make the most of their stay in Dubrovnik. Her ideal escape are the beaches of lush Elafiti Islands - a blissful Mediterranean paradise.

Milan Harašić

Operations Manager

Our problem solver, Milan is an IT expert with a wide knowledge of computer technology. On a typical day at the office, he is fixing our tech problems (and calming down us that freak out about them) and assisting with all operations-related projects. Outgoing and relaxed, this sports fan loves snowboarding and kitesurfing, but nothing can beat unwinding with his family on the Island of Brač.

Ariane Maxhuni

Accounting Assistant

An accounting junkie, perky Ariane effortlessly juggles invoices, deadlines and numbers – with a big smile on her face! Caring and helpful, she guides us patiently through the complicated area of auditing. When her nose is out of the books, she enjoys clubbing, traveling and beach-bumming. Proud of her Albanian descent, her favorite destination is the exotic Kosovo – remote, relaxing and unspoiled.