As a part of our philanthropy program, Calvados Club supports a non-profit organization for research and nature preservation “The Mediterranean Monk Seal Group”, run by biologist Ms. Jasna Antolović. A significant number volunteers and enthusiasts of various professions gathered around the praiseworthy idea of preserving and protecting this endangered species.

The Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus, Hermann 1779) is a pinniped belonging to Phocidae family. This species grows up to 3 m and it weighs up to 400 kg. They are usually black with white spots on the belly. They are thought to live up to 40 years and they mostly feed on cephalopods, crabs and mollusks. It was first scientifically described in 1779 based on a carcass found at Osor on the Island of Cres, northern Croatia.

At some 350 remaining individuals, it is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. It is present in the parts of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean along the coasts of Mauritania and Morocco. In the Adriatic Sea there used to be about 60 individuals but today that number is significantly reduced to about 10. Illegal hunting is considered the principal reason for the decrease in their number, as they are now facing extinction. Its shelters in the Adriatic are caves with gravely beaches or stone-plated caves. The local nicknames for this adorable chubby animal are “sea man”, “sea bear” and “sea monk”.

The Mediterranean Monk Seal is protected in Croatia since 1935 and according to Croatian Nature Protection Act the penalty for killing and disturbing it is 100.000 kuna.

When travelling with Calvados Club, you also contribute to preserving and protecting this wonderful animal - a true ornament of Adriatic Sea.